Monday, August 12, 2013

Well That was Annoying

Last month my computer died and I went on hiatus until its replacement arrived and I got everything squared away on the new system. I had just gotten back in the swing of posting when Friday the modem called it quits as I was writing a very involved email.


I did the usual power cycling and it refused to work. One long phone call later I got Comcast's blessing to swap out the old for a new one. All I wanted was a functional modem. the tech support guy wanted to get me a discount on my service and determined we would be eligible for the latest and greatest of their modems. It is an all in one unit that functions as a modem, digital phone jack, a wireless router, and could poop rainbows. Honestly I tuned out halfway through. All I cared about was the reduction in my internet bill. Then he started to schedule me for and installation appointment for either Monday or Tuesday. Whoa, that was too long to be without internet service and I can do this myself.

Why can't I just pick it up at the service center that is less than 20 minutes away?

I got some song in dance that it is only on the service trucks and can't be just "picked up at the service center." I could, however, have it shipped to my house directly. Which, of course, would be next Friday. Ouch. We settled on my getting the basic that day and turning it back in when the new one shows up. Amusingly I was offered the new fancy dancey one at the service center. Score one for diy.

Sadly my victory was short lived, the new one didn't work either. So another call to Comcast and this time with the tentative diagnoses of bad wiring. and I could be scheduled in for Tuesday for a service call. Ugh, we are now even further back to getting the internet back. Fortunately the whole thing resolved itself when the magical modem suddenly powered up. That said, I'm still waiting on the modem thing to start pooping rainbows.

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Glad you're back!