Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Modern Wonder

Falkirk Wheel
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I learned about this modern wonder over at AMCGLTD.com in a post titled Boat Wheel.

The structure is an utterly ingenious solution to the problem of connecting two canals that are separated by an eight story drop. As Scott noted, if you go to this site you get to see a wonderful animated gif of the wheel in action.

I love the whole thing, it's a ferris wheel for boats. I think it's great that it is being promoted as a tourist destination. The whole thing makes me want to go back to Scotland and see the beast in action (I'm such an engineering geek).

The picture I have here I snagged off of Flickr and was uploaded by nomipare. I couldn't quite figure out how to load the animated version of the wheel in action here, so I had to settle on this poster.

Monday, June 29, 2009

So Proud and Another Milestone

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Jake officially turns 13 today. I'm now the mother of a teenager.

And I must say I'm very proud to be that teenager's mother.

I was proud of him at his Bar Mitzvah. He did a great job and really stepped up to the occasion.

However that's nothing compared to how I felt last Friday.

The Rabbi has been out of town last week and this week. He sent an email around the congregation announcing his absence and an offer to help coordinate who will do what for the services. On a whim I asked Jake if he was interested and he (much to my surprise) said yes, he would like to help out on a Friday.

So on Friday my boy helped lead services with two other members of our congregation. Originally he was to serve in a helper role, but in the end he did most of the readings. He did a bang up job and, as one other member put it, he had a real presence up on the bimah.

I told him afterward that I was even prouder of him leading services after his Bar Mitzvah then I was during the Bar Mitzvah. He didn't have to do it.

His response was that he like doing it, it's fun.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Death Star Canteen

This is one of my very favorite Eddie Izzard/ Lego bits. He is a brilliant comedian, but I do have to warn you on the language. He drops an f-bomb at the beginning , but it's worth it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Update

deck garden
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It has been hot and very, very wet around here and my little freebie container garden has been chugging along.

The self-seeding basil has been growing like crazy. It completely fills one pot and is surrounding my three tomatoes in the other. And yes, that's right, three tomato plants. It turns out I have not just two, three of them.

Judging by their flowers it looks like two are of the Sungold cherry variety (interestingly enough it is not supposed to self seed, but my garden says otherwise) and the third is a slicing tomato. I won't really know until they set fruit.

baby tomato
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And judging by how they are doing, it looks like that will be fairly soon.

Rebecca was very excited to report the other day that we have two baby tomatoes. Which is amazing since I have yet to water the dang things.

I love my little free garden.

And I really love the yummy things it produces.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Differences in Maturity

At dinner yesterday Jake asked why Max could add interjections into a conversation while he (Jake) would be told to stop. I explained to him the difference is that Max is just throwing one, maybe two stones while you hijack the truck and drive it off the cliff.

This then led to a comparison of the different maturity levels of Jake and his siblings. Jake asked if he was mature. Frankly he has matured a great deal this past year, he really and truly has become a Bar Mitzvah. I told him he was definitely driving down the right road. Jake then asked if Nate was mature which pretty much resulted in spit takes from both Nate and I.

No, I was able to gasp out. He's mostly doing doughnuts on the road, thus maintaining the car analogy we had going. Jake and Nate both thought that was a good answer and one of them, I don't remember who, asked if Nate was setting the car on fire.

I paused for just a moment ans said "No, that's Rebecca."

Everybody burst out laughing, even the Feral Princess herself. She loved the idea that she was torching the car. We joshed about this for awhile until Jake grew tired and irritated and stated that he and Max were the most mature people at the table, including Mom.


At least I don't do endless poop jokes in the car, though I do agree that Max is an old soul.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Artist of the Week: Portrait

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This week's artist is the always irrepressible Nate. He is a little bundle of energy that always is up for doing something active either mental or physical. I'll often send him outside to run laps around the house to burn off a bit of energy.

One of his favorite things to do is to tumble about with the dogs and I swear they just view him as one of them. In his quieter moments I'll find him on the floor stretched out next to one of the red boys, holding him close and murmuring into an ear.

Once he is out on his own I don't think he will ever be without a dog by his own choice. As soon as it is feasible he'll have some sort of dog by his side. And knowing his sweet nature it will most likely be a rescue or shelter dog. He'll have a hard time in college when he'll be dogless during the semester, during visits home he'll get his dog fix.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
So the subject matter no surprise to me when he presented to me this portrait of John.

My first guess was Dell, because Dell is the dog he spends the bulk of his time. But I was wrong. It's John, which makes sense because John is the dog most likely to stay still. Dell is always trying to crawl into your lap or squirm around on his back by your side.

I think it is a wonderful picture of John. Nate spent a fair amount of time on it and is in fact still redoing parts here and there. I'll have to teach him that at some point you have to let go and stop second guessing yourself.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"He's dead, Jim"

Or something to that effect was what my mechanic said about the van's transmission.

I dropped the van off yesterday to get inspected, an oil change and have something done about the transmission. The van's tranny has been acting up for quite some time. mostly just an occasional warning light and a slight hesitancy between gears. I've been meaning to take it in for the past couple of months but between our crazy schedules and actually needing the beast to haul around flowers and food for Jake's Bar Mitzvah it has been put off.

Sunday was the last straw, I had already arranged with Larry to drop it off Monday night and I think it knew. As I drove to Richmond for a dog show it was awful. The van struggled to reach the higher gears. I was very grateful when we got to the show on time and were able to limp back home.

When I dropped it off Monday I was told they don't "do" transmissions. I was a bit puzzled as I had gotten a quote for a new one a month or two ago, but I shrugged it off. On Tuesday and three new tires later I had a car that was legal to drive, but could only at best struggle up to 30 mph. I talked to the day manager and about the transmission issue and he clarified that they only replace transmissions, not rebuild. That was fine by me, at just over 100 k miles I was willing to spring for a new (or rather rebuilt) one. So the van was towed back to the shop (I refuse to drive it until it's fixed). This afternoon I got the call I was expecting. Ma' am, you're right, the transmission is no good.

Parts have been ordered and should arrive on Monday and I should get it back by Wednesday. It won't be cheap, but it's better that getting a new one.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Anybody There?

anybody there
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In addition to guard duty the red boys are also greeters. I mentioned the other day that they got to greet someone when they were outside. This picture shows what it's like when the doorbell rings and they are inside.

After the initial sounding of the doorbell there is a stampede towards the front door. Both kids and dogs rush to see who has stopped by. In order to open the door I have to wade my way through the crush of bodies.

Theoretically the dogs should wait before going outside, but the excitement of the doorbell erases such niceties. I try to snag collars or get the kids to help hold the dogs back when I open the door. If it's a known dog lover I don't worry too much, but even I find their combined greeting a bit much.

At least they are friendly or as I like to say, they are viscous dogs, not vicious.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

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Normally on this day I celebrate my husband and what a wonderful father he is to our children, but this year I'm doing something a bit different.

Larry is not the only father in our household, Mr. Delly Belly is one too. Admittedly he has no contact with any of his get from the two litters he sired, in fact he probably isn't aware of the fact that he is a father. All he knows is that he likes girls. And food. Oh, and tummy rubs. Dell is a very simple dog.

Anyway, after the kids presented their father numerous hand made cards and drawings, they felt that Dell deserved some recognition as well.

card for Dell
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They tried the more traditional route of a hand made picture and/or card (I wasn't privy to the actual item, I just heard about it after the fact). However, much to nobody's surprise, Dell ignored it (Crunch, on the other hand, would have happily shredded any piece of paper you gave him). It was vaguely amusing, but a bit disappointing.

Then we came up with the idea of an edible card. I gave Nate a slice of bread and he wrote on it with ketchup "To Dell." Ketchup is not the easiest medium to write with, but it worked. Dell loved his new card and promptly devoured it. All the kids loved watching Dell wolf down the card.

Later Dell then got to go to a dog show and see his public. He had a great time and as an added bonus he went winners dog and best of winners for one point. Thus bringing his grand total to five points. Just ten more points and two majors to go!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Fitting End

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I thought this cake was a fitting end to the week. Last Friday Jake had his Bar Mitzvah and this was the cake I made for him, orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting.

Tonight Jake wanted to go to services, which is amazing. Most recent Bar Mitzvahs want to take a break, but not my boy. He wanted go and he was so proud of the fact that he now officially counts as part of the minyan.

My little boy really and truly has grown up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guard Dogs

guard dogs
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The windows on the first floor of this house are at just the right level for dachshunds, in particular the windows flanking the front door.

I was eating lunch in the dining room the other day when I saw the red boys standing at alert. I love how they had their own window to survey the front yard. Usually it's squirrels, birds, and deer that attract their attention. Today they got to great someone at the door while they swirled about outside.

When I went to answer the doorbell all I could see were furiously wagging tails. I joked to the kids that the dogs finally worked out a way to ring the doorbell. Instead it was an earnest young man with a petition to sign. I politely declined, but I did have fun watching my fierce guard dogs tumble over each other as they joyfully greeted their visitor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artist of the Week: Costco

Today was Nate's baseball team's end of season party. Like last year it was a pot luck at a pool and, like last year I made the cake. Or at least I planned on making the cake, instead it was more like provided the cake.

I was happily baking away today. The first layer was baked and I was just sliding it into the refrigerator to cool when disaster struck.

I dropped the cake.

It collapsed into a big crumbly mess on the floor. In utter frustration I shouted out a very, very bad word. The kids told me later that the noise was so loud and unexpected they thought it came from a passing car. They had no idea what I said, it was just the sheer volume. I tried desperately to piece it together, but in the end I had to admit it was a lost cause and tossed the whole mess in the garbage.

Now I had no cake, very little time and not enough ingredients. I could try cobbling together something from the bit of cake leftover from Jake's Bar Mitzvah and the remaining layer that I hadn't baked yet, but I decided that was a bad idea. Instead I would go to Costco, they have great cakes and you can usually pick one up at the last moment. They have one of the very few commercially available cakes I deem acceptable.

An hour later I had a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and chocolate mousse filling. I opted to get the one with little flower buds on top, I decided it was a bit better for the boys than a cake with a huge pile of chocolate roses piled on top. To see a vanilla version of the cake click here (group events) and here for a picture of a selection board of Costco cakes in Japanese, it's the scored rosebud over on the right second from the top.

The cake was a big hit. It looked great and tasted fabulous. Go Costco, you really saved the day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And I Shall Call It Lazarus

As I mentioned yesterday the only real disaster was my cell phone.

During the frantic last minute Bar Mitzvah preparations I had to do a laundry list of last minute errands ranging from picking up a a new tie for Nate (Apparently his current one was no good, bordering on evil. It was just a clip on tie, but it was choking him. The zipper tie I got as a replacement was much better, even though it actually goes ALL AROUND HIS NECK.), some spinach pies for non meat eating members of the family for Friday night dinner and actual laundry.

And that is where it all went wrong, doing laundry. The boys needed to have their white dress shirts washed. As I zipped around upstairs collecting whites from various hampers to pad out the load I saw my shorts on the floor. Normally I'm pretty good about putting dirty clothes into the hamper, but I thought nothing of it and scooped them up. I dumped the whole mess into the washing machine, set the load for hot and walked away.

About an hour later I transferred the load to the dryer and turned it on. While I stood in the laundry room folding sheets I heard an odd thumping noise from the dryer. It was not unlike a shoe thudding around in the interior as it dries. Curious, I stopped the dryer, opened it up for a quick peek and even patted down the wet laundry. I didn't find anything hard enough to explain the noise, so I closed it up and turned it back on.

Thump, thump, thump.

What is that noise?

I opened up the dryer again and decided to get to the botom of the noise. I ended up hauling out most of the wash in search of the thumping noise. Then I found my shorts. They were strangely heavy. As I pulled them out I saw, much to my horror, my cell phone still tucked inside the pocket.

I pulled it out the phone from my pocket and heard a slight squishy noise as I squeezed the case. The screens were blank, it had to be dead.

I left it out on the counter that night and decided not to think about it.

In the morning Nate thought it was hilarious that my phone now made a faint squishing sound when you squeezed the screen. He was all set to take it apart, but I stopped him. I wanted to turn it in when I would get my replacement. For kicks I decided to plug it into the wall charger.

It chimed and a the little red charging light appeared on the outside.

Good lord, it lives!

The little screen on the outside of the phone seems to be completely shot, but the phone works. For the first couple of days post wash the interior screen had a mottled appearance, but now it looks the same as ever. I can call out, check messages, receive calls, and it still can hold a charge. I now have the cleanest phone around and my little LG LX-160 has a new name, Lazarus.

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Down, Three to Go

picture time
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First off I would like to state that Jake did a wonderful job both Friday night and Saturday morning morning.

On Friday my cousin flew in and joined us for dinner. My husband's sister was staying with us and the two of them see to really hit it off. We had a wonderful and relaxed early dinner with many of Jake's favorite foods, from spinach pies to marinated flank steak. It was an excellent way to get him relaxed before the evening's big event.

Then it was time to dress up and go to temple. Both my cousin and my SIL came along with us early to service and took a ton of pictures before the start of Shabbat. Larry took the first picture here on the right while I was setting up the tripod. My sister-in-law is photographing little Miss Rebecca (such a little cutie pie) and my cousin snapping a few of Jake up on the bima. I didn't even know that Larry was taking pictures at the time and I was delighted when I saw them today as I downloaded them from the camera.

so cute
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In the next picture, also by Larry since you can see the back of me while I adjust Nate's Kipot. (And here's a shout out to KoolKipah.com, they came in on time and looked great.) Max is looking as dapper as ever and you get to see one of the gorgeous arrangements I ordered. For the most part we were were sensible and stuck to a modest budget, the two arrangements on the bima were one of our extravagances and was totally worth it. They still look good and this was after being bounced around in my minivan on the ride home.

As for the Bar Mitzvah boy, a nervous cough that has been plaguing him when he felt stressed was pretty much absent. The Rabbi provided a hidden spot for Jake to place his cup of water so he could refresh himself throughout the service. Hebrew is not an easy language to speak, the various throat clearing noises are challenging enough for someone that hasn't developed a cough. At the end of Friday's service numerous people praised him for his very clear and well enunciated voice. I think all the positive feedback helped Jake gain confidence for the Saturday service.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Saturday morning Larry took Jake down to temple about 45 minutes early. It was Jake's last choice to smooth out the Haftorah blessings with the Rabbi. It was time well spent.

Jake still had a little trouble with that particular blessing, but the whole service went beautifully. The only real disater the whole day was my cell phone and that's a story worthy of it's own post.

The both the Friday night oneg and the Saturday kiddish luncheon went without a hitch. Everybody had a great time at all of our parties. During the Saturday night post Bar Mitzvah pizza and laser tag party Jake told this was the best party ever and it was the best day of his life.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Today's the Day

Bar Mitzvah
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Tonight Jacob will officially lead services.

He pretty much has the Friday service down cold. Saturday will a bit more of a challenge, but I know he can do it.

The picture here is from last night's dress rehearsal. It gave Jake one more try and an opportunity to take pictures of Jake in action (we can't take pictures during the actual service because that is not allowed on Shabbat).

And then it's summer vacation!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost There

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Wednesday was planting day.

Jake wanting living plants for the centerpieces at his Bar Mitzvah. It was a reasonable enough request so I had him go plant shopping with me to get some ideas and see what kind of plants he likes. The color scheme we were interested in was primarily orange and yellow with just a touch of blue.

Right off the bat I decided that Vinca would do nicely for the blue. I love the little purplish blue flowers and the shiny dark green foliage is striking. We found a few candidates for the orange and yellow. Jake really liked the puff ball shaped Marigolds, Lantana and some beautiful orange and yellow zinnias. Since it was Sunday we decided to hold off buying the flowers for a couple of days, we wanted them to be at their best on Friday and Saturday.

all pretty
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Meryl came over on Wednesday to help me out with the centerpieces. I had already bought the Vinca, but I still didn't have any oranges and yellows. So we went shopping together came along with me and was a huge help in selecting the flowers. The store we went to didn't have any orange Zinnias. Instead we got Lantana and moss rose.

Once everything was planted in the pretty glass bowls I found for a song, I popped them in the back of the van. Thursday was going to be delivery day.

The centerpieces looked great and I was able to put them together for the fraction of the price for a florist. I was particularly pleased that the arrangements we just the right size.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artist of the Week: Band

best section 2
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On Monday Jake and I went to the band award ceremony and potluck dinner. Since it was such a long and frankly boring ceremony last year we decided that it would be just the two of us, itchy seven year olds need not apply.

We ended up missing the opening concert by the jazz band, which was fine by me, however that meant we were a bit late for dinner. We were on the tail end of line and ending up out of luck with the potluck. All of the main dishes were gone and most of the sides. I had potato salad, coleslaw, and my brownies for dinner. I'm not sure what Jake had, other than just brownies and pumpkin pie.

However all was forgotten during the actual awards ceremony.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
All throughout the Beginning band awards he told me he wouldn't get one award after another from Most Dependable, Most Band Pride, Best Musician and so on. Some of the awards were decided by class votes and others were up to the Band Director. Jake and his fellow trumpeter (the other Jake) figured that they, the trumpet section would get loudest section. He confided to me that he would never get the Outstanding Leadership Award (which is determined by the director), because he spent most of his time arguing with one of his classmates.

So when it came time for the Intermediate awards Jake was shocked when he got Most Band Pride, not overly surprised by Best Section and utterly floored when he got Outstanding Leadership. It's not too often I get see Jake speechless and it was quite a treat.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Container Garden Update

First off it turns out we have not two, but three tomato plants.

We officially have a boatload of basil. I need to start making my own pesto sauce.

And last, but not least, Rebecca joyfully informed me yesterday that we have several flowers on our tomato plants. I tried taking a picture of them, but none of them came out. The flowers must be two small for my camera to focus on. I might have to bust out my big old fashioned film SLR camera.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Season's End

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This weekend Nate and Max got to play the last game of their respective seasons.

Max was first up on Saturday. It was a cool dampish morning with overcast skies, perfect weather for soccer. Much preferable to the scorching temperatures from not so long ago. Max's team played well, in fact it was the best they had ever played as a team. They had finally gelled as a team just in time for the last game. It's unfortunate that they would play their best during their last game. They didn't win, but it was a good game to watch and they did tie their opponents.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

Nate's team, meanwhile was embroiled in the end of season playoffs. They lost their first game, but it was a double elimination tourney. They could still battle back in the loser's bracket to win the whole shebang, which was exactly happened last year to Nate's team.

After their initial loss, the Angels were able to win their games on Thursday and Saturday. We were back at the field on Sunday for their next game. It was a beautiful evening, a bit on the warm side, but lovely nonetheless.

The team started off strong with four runs in the first inning and pretty much shutting down their opponents. Unfortunately the other team got a good Rally going and in the sixth inning they were able to preserve their hard won lead. It was tough loss for the team. Most of the boys looked a bit sad and disappointed during the post game presentation as did the friends and family on the bleachers near our team's dugout.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

However, we are talking about 10 year old boys. After scarfing down some snacks they all seem to bounce right back.

Ah the miracle of junk food and good friends.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Rule of Computing

Today one of my children learned the first rule of computing: always save your work.

The aforementioned child was working on an essay, got bored and wandered off. An hour+ later a sibling started to use the computer and the dang thing got hung up. I tried saving the essay, but it was well and truly locked up. All I could do was restart the computer.

There was much sadness on the part of the essayist and a lecture from me to the effect that you should regularly save your work and don't wander off. Luckily I was able to recover the essay and got the title of "Best Mom in the World." I just hope that the lesson was learned and we won't get a repeat.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Doughnut Day!

Once again it's National Doughnut Day and the fine folks at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are honoring it in style.

I've already had my free doughnut and picked up a dozen for the kids. Cause hey, we have got to celebrate silly little things like doughnuts.

Mmmmm, doughnuts.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Think My Phone is Slugged

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We have been having intermittent problems with our phone line. Instead of a normal dial tone there will be a loud buzzing noise and caller ID no longer works.

I went through all the normal hoops (unplug the phones, disconnect the house and plug directly into the test jack, etc) to no avail. It still buzzes and you can't hear anything else over the noise. On impulse I decided to check out the box by the side of the road. For whatever reason It has never been closed up properly and I figured what the hey. Maybe it will be something obvious.

I strolled down the driveway and popped the cover off to discover a truly revolting mess.

The wires were coated in a horrible brown glop reminiscent of Oompa-Loompa food. A seemly defunct small paper wasp nest was attached to the cover. And, best of all, slugs were oozing about on the wires.

To say I was taken aback would be an understatement.

I went back inside and grabbed a paper tool to wipe off some of the muck. I ended up flicking off the wasp nest and prying off the slugs with a handy twig. The picture here is post clean-up and, trust me here, you should be glad it is. I slogged back to the house and checked the phone after I was done, but the line was still toast.

Unfortunately the phone company can not come until Tuesday, but I did entertain the operator and she agreed that the sad state of the box may be to blame.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Artist of the Week: Pocahontas Turtle

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Last week Max and Rebecca got to go on a field trip to Pocahontas State Park and I got to tag along. The whole first grade piled into buses along with a bunch of parents for a little exposure to the great outdoors.

At the park we divvied up into three groups, two classes per group (and yes that means there are six first grade classes in their school). Our group got to go to the playground first, which I thought was a very good thing. The kids could run around a bit after the bus ride and would in all likelihood be better able to concentrate on the rest of the activities.

When playtime was over we trooped back to bus and collect our lunchboxes and bring them to our assigned shelter. There was a bit of whining about being hungry, but that was quickly squashed by the teachers it wasn't even close to lunchtime.

Instead we got to go on a scavenger hunt.

This one was clearly geared for first graders. They had to find objects in nature that could fall into any one or more of eight different categories: dead, alive, brown, shiny, rough, smooth, big, and little. Max's teacher wanted them to find three for each category and it was perfectly acceptable for something to be in more than one category.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
The kids had a good time tromping about in the woods and only needed a little help. Shiny was by far the hardest one to fine. Max and I settled on a wet leaf, rocks (there was a fair amount of mica about glittering in the sun) and sunshine.

Finally it was lunchtime. The kids were just finishing up when a park ranger appeared with a few animals in tow. We got to meet Larry the box turtle, Ruby the hog nosed snake, and Lemony the snake. There were too many of us to touch the animals, but we did get a good look.

Max loved the turtle. Turtles are his favorite animal and it was a real treat for him to see one. He was so stuck by the experience that he drew a turtle right after he got home from school. He put a lot of love and effort into his creation and it shows.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Annual Tick Rant

I complained about ticks last year and I'm going to complain about them next year.

I hate ticks. As far as I'm concerned they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They rank up there with mosquitoes in annoying insects I would be very, very happy to never see again. I realized they are a valuable food source for birds and other insectivores, but I still detest them.

It has been a truly horrific season so far. I'm finding them everywhere, on the dogs, the kids, me, and even on the sink. I was discussing them with another parent and she was surprised that I didn't save the ones on my children so that the tick could be tested for Lymes. After a brief mental shudder I explained that with four kids I would have so many of the dang things by season's end I would be physically ill just thinking about the collection, much less looking at it.

So on that happy thought I'll share with you a much happy form of the Tick.

Monday, June 01, 2009

What I learned Today

Today I found out that I'm not so much a babe as a babe magnet.

I'm tooling around in the Contour, windows down, moon roof popped open and tunes playing on the radio (my current station of choice is this one). I'm at a stop light feeling all was right in the world when I heard a little voice say Hi!

I turned to my left and saw the cutest little face pressed up against an open window. She was just barely two and utterly adorable. I said hi back and gave her a big smile. She then said something completely unintelligible, perplexed I turned to her mother.

"She said she liked your car."

"Ah! Well it is fun."

The light changed and both drove off to our respective destinations.

So yeah, I'm a mom and all kids seem to like me.