Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Artist of the Week: Rock Star

This week's artist is Nate who is turning out to be a quite a rock star.

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On Friday we attended the District's reception for the Reflections contest. When we first walked in Nate had to be signed in and then we were directed to sit down at one of the tables scattered about. Once I was settled in I opened my program and was a bit puzzled. As opposed to the County reception, only one name was listed for each age division in each category. Then it dawned on me, Nate won the district! His entry is now up for consideration a the state level.

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He got a nifty award and a certificate. After the speechifying we mixed with the other families and noshed on the spread (which was much nicer than the County's, you could actually get a meal out of it). Larry then found out that the winners of the state judging would be announced in April. This would be the last party (apart from the school's), from this point on everything will probably be done by phone and mail. The funny part was that Nate didn't realize that he had won until after we got home and told him. He had been expecting a formal announcement at the reception. All that happened was that he was called up, received his awards and got a handshake.

Last night was the school's reception. All of the kids that placed, first, second, third and honorable mention were recognized. First through third received medallions and honorable mentions got ribbons. I wasn't there (Max is sick), but Larry said they did a nice job with the awards. What I do know is that Nate came home with a boatload of stuff.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

He has a package of acid free paper with a special pen, a couple of pencils with musical notations on them, a sticker book with a musical theme, a harmonica with an instruction book and of course candy.

He was quite a celebrity last night. His picture was taken with the Principal and will probably end up in the local free paper

He was the only one this year to advance to the County level and the first one in many years to go beyond District judging. In a way it was nice for him to go with just his father and be the center of all the attention without his siblings. Nate even picked up a groupie. A girl (Gracie) from his grade spent her time hanging around Nate and, according to Larry, flirting with him. She was a real cutie, but Nate was more interested in her Heelys, then the girl wearing them. As they left last night she bade Nate good bye. Nate turned, waved and said "Bye Gracie!" Gracie was then heard to say "He knows my name!"

A line from Dire Straits immediately sprang to mind when Larry told me this: "Money for nothing and your chicks for free."

So far these are all the awards he has received.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in April. We think his main competition will be coming from Fairfax county. It's awash with money and over achieving parents.

And for those of you interested this is the score:

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

On the sidebar under Nate's music you can click on Laserquest and hear the piece. Meryl complained about what a big pain it was finding it and I though it would be nice to stick it there along with Torpedo.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Whither Winter

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This winter has been a bit of a bust. We didn't get any significant snowfall. We got a dusting in mid January and a minor snowfall on the first of February. But that's it. North and to the West of us there has been all sorts of winter weather and the associated school closings. All he have had is one lousy two hour delay.

Instead we have been see sawing back and forth between the low sixties and the mid twenties. Heck it was 70 in January and most of us went barefoot.

Mind you, I do appreciate what this has done to my home heating bill, but I miss winter. I like being able to count on the snow sticking around longer than twenty four hours. My poor daffodils have struggled up and have been burned at least once by a cold spell following a string of balmy spring like days. At this point it's a crap shoot on whether or not they bloom when Spring settles in for real.

By writing this I know I am tempting fate, but it is the penultimate day of February and I really don't think we are going to get any serious winter weather this season.

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Maybe next year we'll get a rip snorter of a winter storm.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Update on the Big Move

It's been three weeks now since the big move and everybody seems to be happy.

Jake took to his room like a duck to water. He has decided that the top bunk is his reading perch. He can leave books open up there and not worry about younger siblings coming in and losing his place.

The first week was a bit rough for Max. He was happy to be with Nate, but the he had a hard time dealing with all the changes. This resulted in a very grumpy little boy at bedtime. He would drag his feet and bitterly protest each and every part of his night time ritual. After he was finally tucked in we would keep trying to get up and play with the legos strewn about the floor.

Poor Nate, whose bedtime is a half hour later, would struggle to go to sleep while Max nattered about.

Rebecca, of course, was an absolute angel.

She loves having her own room. Sleeping alone in her room was not a problem. Her only issue is finding a place for her vast collection of stuffed animals. Only so much can fit on her bed at any one time.

Now that three weeks have passed Max has settled down. If I get the timing right he is often asleep when Nate gets tucked into bed.

What I like is that I longer have to tell Jake and Nate to stop talking and go to sleep. It still takes Jake forever to drop off, but he is no longer keeping Nate awake. I have lost having an official guest room, but now I have children that can actually fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nothing Much

Not much going on around here except:

There is a minor stink going on in the dog world and everybody is calling me about it.

I may or may not have a visitor this afternoon and I really need to clean. So far all I have done is obsessively clean the cooktop. The house is a mess, but hey shiny cooktop!

Nate has a reception thing tonight concerning his reflections entry. It starts at 6:30 so guess we're eating afterwards.

So really not much is happening. I guess I should stop stalling and start cleaning.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Three: Comedy Gold

Everyone is a comic today for this week's Thursday Three.

Surely you jest!

No I don’t, and don’t call me Shirley!

Another week, another kavalcade of komedy here on the Knee-slapping HI-larity Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

As we do every week, we’ll ask you three questions, and it’ll be up to you to answer them, either by leaving a comment below, or a link to your blog. You might have guessed that this week’s topic is about funny things, in which case you’re right. Which isn’t really funny at all. BUT THAT’S OKAY! Think up something funny to go with these, please:

1) Who is the funniest person you know personally in real life?

2) Who is your favorite comedian (living, dead, or both)?

3) Which type of comedy do you find most humorous?

Alrighty then--slip on out on a banana peel and answer those as best you can.

It's time to strap on my clown shoes and get cracking before the clock switches over.

1)The funniest person I knew in real life was my Uncle Gus. He was a very sharp man and you really had to keep on your toes when you were around him. Sadly he passed before Larry could have met him.

2)I really don't have a favorite comedian. I like Harold Lloyd, the Marx brothers, the crew from Monty Python and Triumph the insult comic dog. However, I do have specific dislikes. I don't like Jerry Lewis, for some reason he just grates on me.

3)I like really well thought out stuff with rapid fire delivery that veers off into the absurd, of course that really doesn't explain why I like Triumph.

"Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Artist of the Week: Still Life in Crayon

This week's artist is Rebecca.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

Yes, I know she is completely over exposed in this picture, but I like it. Even when she is too close to the camera when the flash goes off, she is still too cute for her own good.

Anyway, she is still drawing up a storm and she presented Larry and I this piece about a week ago.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

It really doesn't need much explanation. The item on the far left is a couch. I guessed a bed and was at first corrected, but then Rebecca said it could be either. I love the colors of the flowers and the little table the vase is perched on top. It is an utterly charming picture.

Oh, and the little thing on the floor to the right of the flowers, it's a mouse hole.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Super Hero

On a happier note:

Which is really funny.

I guess there is a reason why the Cookie Monster is my favorite muppet, it's the blue fur.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Rally was quite a character.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

She was the smartest dog I ever knew. Crunch quickly became much bigger and stronger than Rally, but she always found a way to get him to do what she wanted.

In our first house the dogs spent most of their time in the kitchen. In one corner was the dog bed and nearby was a floor register. In the winter the spot nearest the vent was by far the warmest and was the preferred spot to lie in. Crunch would usually bull his way onto the bed, muscle Rally aside and claim the spot for his own.

To Rally, this was not an acceptable situation.

She would never be able to physically displace Crunch but, she could trick him.

She would head over to the back door and bark wildly. Larry or I would go over to open the door and let her out. As we opened the door Crunch, convinced that something was up, would charge outside. Rally would meanwhile calmly return to the dog bed and claim the good spot. About 15 minutes later Crunch would return and sack out next to her.

The first few times Larry and I were mystified. Why would she not go out after putting up such a fuss. Then it dawned on us that it was all a ruse to get Crunch outside. Crunch never figured it out.

She was also very usual for a smooth haired dachshund. In the winter she loved the snow and would happily break trails while Crunch would trail behind. In the summer she loved to go swimming. When we went down to the lake would have to leash her when she was in the water to keep her from going out too far when pursuit of ducks.

Rally hated crows and statuary.

Crows had to be chased from the yard and were forbidden to be near our home. Whenever she spied a statue, be it a 20 foot statue of a man or a two foot representation of a horse it was bad news. Once she caught sight of it she would voice her disapproval in a burst of sharp barks. Normally this was not a problem, but around Christmas time it would be a bit embarrassing. One year a house along our normal walk went whole hog with all sorts of Christmas paraphernalia. The worst was the lights that blinked in sync with the music "The Little Drummer Boy". She hated the whole display with a passion and would bark fiercely at the whole mess. I was torn. One one hand I didn't like all the noise, but on the other I agreed that it was quite tacky.

She loved apples and tomatoes would would do anything for them. We had to keep a portable fence around the pots with tomatoes to keep her out. Many a time I would she her staring at the tomato plants, willing for one to drop off and roll her way.

She was also unfailingly gentle. Anyone could offer her a treat and she would daintily accept the offering. She never snapped or grabbed.

Vets loved her for solid temperament. Most vets are leery of dachshunds. All too many of them are poorly bred specimens that will snap at the slightest provocation, but never Rally. She would stoically stand there and would suffer all sorts of indignities. At most I would only have to place my hand beneath her muzzle to steady her and prevent her from leaving the table.

She was a one in a million.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rally: April 10, 1992-February 18, 2007

I got a call today that I had been dreading.

"Mrs. G____ I know this not completely unexpected, but Rally is gone."

She slipped out of this world on her terms. She went to sleep and never woke up. I knew her time on this earth was drawing to an end. I even thought about making that last call to the vet last Thursday, but she seemed to perk up the next day.

The hardest part was I wasn't with her. We had a Bar Mitzvah up in Long Island to attend and the dogs were to be kenneled. I did not want to take Rally in, but the hotel we were staying at had a no pets policy. I briefly entertained the notion of staying home, but that would leave Larry with ALL driving with a van full of kids.

Friday morning I dropped the dogs off. I spoke with the staff and told them of my concerns. It is a small kennel and the owner is a vet and runs both his practice and the kennel from his home. The staff all appreciated Rally and at one point her nick name was "Baby Doll."

I hated leaving her, but knew she would be safe and loved.

That afternoon they called me on my cell phone. Rally wasn't looking well so Doc took a look at her. He felt she was dehydrated and brought her up to the house to keep an eye on her and start her on fluids.

Saturday I called to check on her. I got the machine and left a message to please call if Rally was any worse.

Today, Sunday, the vet called me as we were driving home.

I miss her so much.

Friday, February 16, 2007

As Promised...

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

I made individual heart-shaped cakes on Wednesday. It was my basic 1-2-3 cake with chocolate Italian butter cream frosting and topped with half a strawberry. Larry and I loved them, but the kids prefer my regular chocolate frosting.

What a pack of heathens.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Three: Feel the Love

This week Terry gives us a loved filled Thursday Three.

Although it is slightly too late for Valentine’s Day…

…today is the Love Connection Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, America’s Best Loved Time Wasting Diversion!

As we usually do, we ask you to answer the following three questions either by leaving a comment below or a link back to your blog. And as you can guess, the inquiries today have to do with that warm feeling you have deep inside.

No, not the one caused by your breakfast.

Here we go:

1) Who was the first person for whom you had romantic feelings?

2) Do you believe it’s possible to fall truly in love with more than one person in a lifetime?

3) What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done out of love?

Okay, flit away and begin thinking syrupy thoughts and come up with some answers!

I don’t do syrupy thoughts, chocolaty ones yes, but not syrupy (unless the syrupy thoughts involve pancakes and then it has to be real Vermont, though NH will do in a pinch, maple syrup).

Anyway, here are my answers:

1) I guess the first person I had romantic feelings for was Chip something-or-other in third grade. He had red hair and freckles sprinkled across his face. I remember being asked if I liked him and when I said yes, the other girls informed me that I wasn’t supposed to admit it.

2) I think it is possible to fall truly in love with more than one person over the course of your life, but only one at a time.

3) I haven’t done any really stupid things out of love, just a whole lot of extreme PDA in very public places with my now husband when we were dating. Admittedly I did quit my job and follow him out to Wisconsin, but it was a good opportunity to try new things and be in new places. Most of the stupid things I have done were when I over estimated my abilities and underestimated the challenge. Oh and run of the mill pregnancy induced stupidity. I live in a fog during the first trimester.

Now I will go get a bit of cake.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Terrible Twos

Well it’s been two years since I started this thing. In dog years that would make this fourteen and in blog years... well I don’t know.

I have posted endless pictures of children, cakes and dogs. This has turned out to be a great way to keep the grandparents up to date and for me to share my experiences. I hope to keep it up my little corner on the internet.

To celebrate this second anniversary here two of my favorite sites:

Watch it Shred.

Will it blend?

Nothing like a little destruction to keep you entertained.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going to the Dogs

This past weekend I went to Northern New Jersey to attend a dog show and a regional club meeting. The show was the Dachshund Association of Long Island (DALI) specialty that is held right before Westminster and is part of a cluster of specialty shows that are viewed as preliminaries to the Westminster show.

Originally I was not planning on attending any of the shows, but my club was requested to send a representative to the regional meeting that was to be held in conjunction to the shows. As president I could have tapped another club member to go, I knew at least one was going , but I decided it really should be me since I’m not only the president but the regional rep as well (I volunteered since I’m very good friends with the regional president). Also the one of the members that would have volunteered to go in my stead has the reputation of being a bit of a loose canon.

The one problem with this particular trip was that two weeks before hand I’ll be attending a wedding in Manhattan and the weekend after the meeting we are driving up to Long Island for a Bar mitzvah (Hey Skinny Dan!).

That’s a whole lot of travel in a short period of time.

My first thought was to fly, and then a friend wanted to know if I could show her dog at the specialty. In the end I drove up with my friend with her dog Chad and my dog, John.

We had a great time and our dogs did as well. We got to see what our competition would be like this year and we got to be seen. I even got to hold Scraps (a dog in serious contention at the shows) in my lap for a bit. He is a very sweet little dog that gave lots of kisses. Here is what Scraps looked like this past summer.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

He is even cuter in the flesh. As an added bonus, if you click here it directs you to the video streaming from the Westminster show. After the ad, Scraps is the first dog you see up on the table.

Tonight I’ll be watching the show on cable and cheering on the dachshunds.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hanging With The Gov

Hanging With The Gov
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.
This is an update of this post. As I mentioned my husband and I got photographed with Governor Tim Kaine. Here is the photographic proof.

This, and one other, was taken just after the Governor had asked me who had just called me earlier on my cell phone. The guy is sharp.

Meanwhile, I'm going to the dogs tomorrow.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Three: Food, Glorious Food

Once again Terry is serving up a buffet of food based questions.

Well, if you’re not, then you will be soon, as we cook up a sizzling plate of Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, the Internets’ Most Delicious Junk Food! For those unfamiliar with our menu, we ladle up a steaming portion of three questions, delicately breaded and heated to 94 degrees Fahrenheit under a lamp, and then ask only that you reward us with answers to those questions!

This week’s helping of gastronomic guesstimation will have to do with, of all things, food. Answer the following questions by either leaving your tip in the comments section below or a link to your very own establishment.

You might be asking yourself, “Hmm, it seems as though we recently did a food-related set of questions.” Well, obviously that’s just the hunger talking, and you can’t be expected to be entirely lucid on an empty stomach. So just forget about what you think you remember.

NOW THEN, on with the specially prepared gourmet selection of questions!

1) Of your local hamburger joints, which is your favorite and why? And by “local,” we mean REALLY local--no national chains! Only your local mom-and-pop establishments or regional chains, please.

2) What is the most adventurous meal you’ve ever personally prepared?

3) What dish did your Mom used to fix that you steadfastly refused to eat?

Now then, put your napkin in your lap and dig in!

Mmm, food. I’ll tuck into my chicken pot pie and give this a whirl.

1) This will be a multi part answer, because I have lived in numerous locals and each area has its own best burger joint.

Growing up in Connecticut we would go to a little roadside place that was only open in the summer. Seating was outside under battered metal umbrellas and the food was served on old circular tin trays that advertised Coke (or was it Pepsi, I don’t remember). I always had birch beer with my burger.

Up in Vermont we found The White Cottage, another great roadside burger joint. It is a bit far afield, but it is worth the occasional trip.

Then I moved out and lived in New Haven for a few years. There I learned to love Louis’ Lunch, the home of the original hamburger. It is a stripped down little joint that closes down every August for spoon inventory(no really). The cheese on the burgers is cheese whiz, the burger is served on toasted bread and you can’t get ketchup. A bit different and it is an interesting slice of Americana.

Then I moved to Madison Wisconsin, home of Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry. Great burgers and, as opposed to Louis’, they will serve it up any way you want. I liked the original location more, but the new digs still serves up a fine burger.

Right now I really don’t have a favorite burger joint. There is an excellent place up around Richmond, Carytown Burger and Fries, but it is a bit of a haul and usually crowded. Another good place is the Star-Lite located in the Fan up in Richmond. Great burgers, fabulous onion rings. Meryl and I have gone there a few times and I have always been pleased with whatever I’ve gotten.

2) I always feel like meal time is an adventure around here. I guess my most adventuresome meal I’ve ever made was the second time I made curry. It was when I was in England and I made it for a few fellow students. It was a big hit and I was very pleased since one of my guests was from India (she was a last minute addition to the guest list). Then there was my brother’s wedding cake. It involved three different kitchens and a whole lot of obsessive planning.

3) To this day I still refuse to eat baked beans. My mom is an excellent cook, but I can’t stand baked beans. Oh and mushrooms, I don’t eat those either.

That’s it for me, I’m still feeling a bit peckish. I think I’ll go check out the fridge for a little something to nosh on.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Artist of the Week: Submarine

This week’s artist is Jake.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

A few weeks ago he came home with this neat cross section of a submersible.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

I love the cut away view. The submersible has all sorts of neat details like multiple air tanks, a reinforced hull, and an exterior light array and so on. At school his class has been studying the ocean and this illustration was inspired by the ALVIN submersible.

It is fun seeing how he things these things through when he commits it to paper.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What a Goof

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.
Last night was cold, if fact it was the coldest it has been in the past two years. So it was a bit nippy this morning as I shooed the dogs outside. I took pity on Miss Rally and put John’s coat on her before I plopped her outside. The red dogs are fully mobile and can readily scoot back inside, but the old girl needs to be carried in and out and I thought she needed a little something extra to keep her old bones warm.

She, of course, was not amused.

She stood outside looking vaguely peeved that she had been once again dumped outside with the further indignity of wearing a coat. As she stood crosswise to the steps, occasionally barking to let me know that she wanted in, John shot outside and paused at the head of the steps leading down to the backyard. John caught sight of Rally in his coat and you could see him go “What’s that!” before he charged down the stairs to confront that mysterious thing outside.

Just before impact he slammed on the brakes and practically fell over when he realized it was Rally. As he danced before her going “It’s you! It’s you!” she coldly regarded him as though to say “Well, who else did you think I was?”

I think Rally accepts John and basically likes him in a doggy sort of way, but I also think she views him as a big doofus. Today’s little maneuver confirmed what a goofball he is.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Feeling a Bit Fae

What type of Fae are you?

I found this one over at Chef Tony a while back (January 21st to be precise).

It's a good piece of filler while I take Nate in for a nasty little cough, sounds asthmatic to me.

Ha! Turns out he has croup. At age eight he's a little old for it, but that's what he has.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Moving Day

This weekend was moving day for the kids. No, we didn’t ship them off to live elsewhere; instead we had a bit of bedroom rearranging.

Ever since Rebecca had a play date over at her friend Lydia’s house, she has been asking for a room just like Lydia’s. Jake too has wanted a room of his own for quite sometime. Max, meanwhile, has gotten tired of the twin thing and has even fired Rebecca on one or two occasions. Mind you I have no idea where that came from. We certainly don’t watch the Apprentice. When he does it I find that it is almost impossible to keep a straight face. He storms up, glowers at you and gravely pronounces you as fired. Even I have been fired, but it was retracted when I said “Great, now I don’t have to feed you.” Anyway, back to moving day.

For a while we have wanted to separate Jake and Nate. Initially it was a very good thing when we parked Nate in with Jake. Nate was ecstatic to be with his big brother and Jake was less inclined to wander into our room in the middle of the night. But Jake has a tendency to talk (Literally, the kid never stops talking after the first week of summer vacation I’m wiped out from the constant barrage from Jake.)and it was keeping Nate up at night.

So the idea was to put Rebecca in the guest room, Max would move in with Nate and Jake would get the bedroom that used to be occupied by Max and Rebecca. Max would get Jake's old bed, Rebecca would use the lovely four poster already in the guest room and we would bunk up Max and Rebecca’s old beds which would free up space in the room for a desk for Jake.

Jake, Max and Rebecca thought it was a very good plan. Rebecca even understood that when we have house guests she would be temporarily relocated somewhere else. Then there was Nate. The one child who not be moved objected to the whole idea, which brought the whole thing to a grinding halt. This would not work in everybody was not on board. After some close questioning I found out the reason for this objection. It was the Legos. Jake and Nate have a good sized plastic bin filled with Legos. At first I tried to segregate Jake and Nate’s individual Lego kits, but it proved futile and every thing got mixed together.

Weeks passed and I couldn’t come up with a workable solution. I could just pull the I’m the momma and what I say goes routine, but I wanted it to work. I didn’t want Nate resenting Max. Then it hit me, we could just leave the Legos in Nate and Max’s room. Jake could come in and play with them and still have his own room.

Larry and I brought it up at dinner on Friday and it was a go. Nate was all for the move.

So this weekend I have cleaned out the guest room closet, disassembled a changing table, turned Max and Rebecca’s old beds into bunk beds (with some crucial help from Larry, these things don’t lift themselves), made the dynamic duo weed out some of their toys, did some stealth chucking of old and busted things, sorted through endless clothes and badgered Jake and Nate into cleaning out their closet.

And the result: heaps of stuff to go into the attic, two small boxes of clothes remaining to be sorted (Max got burnt out after the first batch) and some very happy children.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I am Ursula LeGuin

I am:
Ursula K. LeGuin
Perhaps the most admired writing talent in the science fiction field.

Which science fiction writer are you?

This meme is courtesy of the Llamas.

I have always loved science fiction and Ursala LeGuin is one of my favorites. My father was a huge fan of the genre and it is him that I credit my love of it. One of my earliest memories of the movies was seeing 2001 at the Place Theater in Waterbury, CT.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Three: On the Fly

Terry is feeling a wee bit stressed and much put upon, so here is this week’s less-thoughtful-than-usual Thursday Three.

It's an "On the Fly" edition this morning--no time yesterday or this morning to do any sort of deep thought or induce any cleverness into the process, so here's you a slapdash, thrown-together-at-the-last-moment set of questions, guaranteed to be neither entertaining nor insightful!

Everyone is free to play along, of course, although you might not want to. But go ahead anyway just to stay in practice.


1) What is the last product you recommended to a friend?

2) What is your favorite section of the grocery store?

3) Joe Biden--lunatic, or idiot?

There! Quick, run and answer those by either dropping a comment below, or a link to your blog!


Huh, what, oh the questions. Well here is my off the cuff answers to this week’s set.

1) The last product I recommended to a friend was Costco’s croissants. Just this morning I was at Costco and chatting with Meryl on the phone when I mentioned that I was getting just the necessities and croissants. The croissants are for me and since they are good, tasty and very cheap into the cart they go.

2) My favorite section of the grocery store is hands down the ice cream section. I love ice cream and it is a staple in our household. We are always trying to stuff extra calories into Max and as a result he gets ice cream three times a day. The runners up are the meat department and then the bakery.

3) Joe Biden is an idiot. Enough said.

Amazing, I was down right pithy this week.