Tuesday, December 13, 2011


cookies! by Teckelcar
cookies!, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
This week has been cookie-palooza and related post, my annual chocolate chip cookie baking marathon when I endeavor to give all of my children's teachers a gift bag of cookies. Way back when I just had Jacob and Nate in elementary school the teachers got tins, but when the elder boys started hitting middle school and beyond I switched to bags. When it's one teacher per child, no big deal. At 8 per kid, we are talking a serious expense in gift tins.

So bags it is.

Each bag contains a dozen and a half of my prize winning chocolate chip cookies (this years variant had regular chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and caramel balls) and our holiday card. I figure it's a pretty good bribe to keep the teachers happy with my children for another year. So far everybody has been very happy, if fact I got another rave review from Max and Rebecca's bus driver (the bus drivers get cookies as well). 

This year it was 30 bags and seven batches of cookie dough (three double batches and one single). This covered all 18 teachers, two bus drivers and three music teachers. All I have left to do are our mail carrier (which is done and ready to go), the kennel where our dogs go to when we travel, and one more person. One more batch of cookie dough should take care of it.

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