Sunday, December 11, 2011

Season's End

Season's end by Teckelcar
Season's end, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
I took this picture while I was rattling around my subdivision looking for inspiration for MCP Project 52. I was attracted to how forlorn the whole pool area looks now that it has been closed up for the season. I jammed my lens through the chain link fence surrounding the pool and hoped for the best. I like to get in close, but it wasn't an option this time around.

When I got home and downloaded my pictures I was very pleased with this particular shot. I love how the reflections of the trees continue the strong vertical lines and the shadows create a soft counterpoint. I think the picture nicely captures the end of season emptiness of the pool.

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Diane said...

Pools do look very forlorn during the winter - particularly when ice forms on the little bit of water that collects in the bottom.

Will we get a wrap up post for MCP Project 52? I'm curious to know how doing the assignments each week may have improved/changed your perspective and eye. It certainly took a lot of discipline to complete the year - congratulations!