Sunday, March 25, 2012

John Carter

Larry and I took Nate, Max, and Rebecca out to see John Carter today (Jake had a boatload of homework and had to stay home). We tried to go last weekend, but our busy schedules made it nigh impossible, particularly since we wanted to hit the bargain matinee. It was going to another no go this weekend until we decided to bag the matinee and just go already, we were afraid it would be gone before we could pull our act together. The movie has not been a big draw and with the Hunger Games on the scene, John Carter's days are numbered.

I don't understand why the movie "John Carter" is not doing particularly well. It's a good movie that appealed to all of us that went. The CGI was well done without being overwrought, the action scenes made sense, and there was a good dose of humor in a well written script. I guess Disney's marketing is to blame. They don't seem to know what to do with movie geared more for adults, the PG-13 rating has thrown them for a loop. It was fine for the dynamic duo at age ten. They have grown up on Harry Potter and Star Wars and were ready for the intensity of this film. I won't, however, recommend this to our neighbor. Their eldest is in 1st grade and I can see him being very overwhelmed by this movie and his 3year old sister is a complete nonstarter.

So go see it before it is gone, but be warned it is not a Disney movie for little kids.

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