Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fourth and Fifth Days of Hanukkah

fourth night
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Since I barely post on the weekend, today you get a two for one deal for the forth and fifth days of Hanukkah.

On Friday we lit the candles before we went out for dinner. We lit them just before Shabbat simultaneously with Meryl. We had our phones on speaker and recited the blessings together. It was a fun way to do things. Anyway back to dinner,I have a long standing policy that no one should cook dinner on their birthday. I picked the new Japanese restaurant, Kabuki, in our area. It was quite an experience. It was theater in the round. Parties of up to ten people are seated along three sides of a grill with the chef mans his position at the fourth side and does a knife and fire show while cooking your dinner. We all loved the food and Jake commented that "you don't get bored while waiting for your food." We will definitely be going there again sometime in the future. It's nice when we can add a new restaurant to our rotation.

fifth night
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On Saturday all four children got in on the picture. It's a remarkable shot because they all look good. Normally I'll have at least one of them through an oddball expression which I swear is just to bug me, but not this time. They are all happily entranced by the flames of our two menorahs.

I decided since we have a plethora of candles courtesy of Hebrew School that we should fire up both menorahs. They put out a fair amount of light and everybody got to do something. The dynamic duo got to select and put in the candles and the other two got to light the candles.

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