Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm the Hanukkah Fairy

Spreading the light of Hanukkah wherever I go.

I sent a note to Max's teacher today about Hanukkah. He is the star of the week and I thought it would be a good idea for him to bring in a menorah to share with class since Hanukkah starts tonight. I gave his teacher my email addy so we would not be dependent on the vagaries of a 6 year old to deliver notes back and forth.

This email popped up in my inbox a few hours after I got the kids off to school:
Hi Mrs. G.!

We have been talking about Hannukah this week and asking Max a lot of
questions:) I have some books but I would love to have Max share a
menorah! And if by any chance you have a driedel that the kids could pass
around that would be great. I have a couple but for whatever reason I
can't find them --- I'm sure that I will find them in Jan!

Thanks so much!

Mrs. S.

No problem, we have menorahs and driedals aplenty. I swung by the school to drop
them off. While in the hallway chatting with Max's teacher Rebecca's stopped by
and wanted to know when I could read a book to the class. Ah book, I don't remember volunteering, but I smoothly covered my surprise and asked when would be good for her. She would like me to stop by before lunch any time this week and we settled on Thursday.

I know there are not very many Jewish families in our school system and I think my children are the most up front. That and I carefully note each year on the class forms that we don't celebrate Christmas. So I have become the "go to" person for all things Hanukkah at the school. Which I find utterly hilarious since I'm a convert, but it is also nice because it shows we are doing a good job with raising our children Jewish in an overwhelmingly Christian area.

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