Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Artist of the Week: Gingerbread

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This week's artist is the always active Nate.

The children positively vibrates with energy. With some children this could be irritating, but he is such a good humored and easy going child that you just accept that his energy is part of the package.

It is rare for me to get a photo of him being still. In tis one he is running along in the snow about to jam his stick in the embankment. Why he is doing this I'll never know, but him knows what he is doing and that is what matters. The nice part is that he'll cheerfully tell you his intentions if you just ask him at the time.

Anyway, the last two weeks of school this class had a big project, making gingerbread houses for their respective families.

front view
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The house weren't really gingerbread, they used graham crackers, but the end result looks basically the same.

The students had to plan, build and decorate their houses. I stopped by on two separate days to help out. I made a ridiculous amount of royal icing for Nate and brought it the first day.

Nate didn't need any help from me. All I did was demonstrate the technique on how to pipe icicles and he took off. I spent my time in the classroom helping out all the other kids.

And it turned out he really didn't need my help at all.

His house was lovely and possibly the best executed of the lot. Unfortunately the peppermints started to run for reasons unknown, but the house still looks very nice. For more views just click on the picture to take you to the photo set.

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