Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Dell

Oh Dell
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Dell is a very special dog.

He is full to the brim with vim and vigor, his heart nearly bursting with all the love he has to share.

He is also an exceptionally silly dog, for example we have this picture.

The red boys love to lay on the stair treads surveying their kingdom. John will acknowledge people passing by with a bit of a wag. But that is far too restrained for our Delly Belly, instead his whole body has to get in the act.

Meryl noticed him this past Thanksgiving and called me over to take a picture. He is about shoulder height and Meryl was giving him a bit of a pat. Which set off Dell in the most remarkable fashion. He got his front end up a step, but left his high quarters firmly behind. Then he set about twisting himself to try to get closer to us. He was so desperate for attention and his tail was wagging like mad.

The whole thing was hilarious and made for a funny little picture

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