Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Artist of the Week: Lunar Loveliness

I'm this week's artist with a little help from mother nature.

moon halo
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

Last night was clear, a rare treat from the seemly endless rain that Virginia has been experiencing of late. I was letting out Dell for his last potty run of the night and I looked up at the full moon.

It was so very bright and there was just enough moisture in the air to create a halo around the moon. The effect was stunning. I was inspired enough to drag out the tripod and shoot a few frames.

I think this was the best of the lot. I love the contrast of the black lacy branches against the bright white disk of the moon. You can also see a hint of color on the lower edge of the halo.

This, to me, is what good photography is all about. It is seeing the shot and taking the time to do it. I did absolutely no processing of the picture, this is it straight out of the camera. I was fortunate enough to see it and to be able to take it with my basic camera and a tripod. I will toy with pictures on my computer- correct color, wipe off blemishes and crop the image. But I love also composing a picture in the viewfinder and appreciating what I get.

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