Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Way Madness Lies

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Max's big present for Chanukah this year was a drum set.

He had a toy set a few years ago, a gift from my brother (who did clear it with me before sending it along.), but it has long since fallen apart.

This set, however, is the real deal.

We have a friend who is a drummer and he recommended eBay or Craig's list to find Max a drum kit. There were plenty of drums, but none quite the right size. I ended up finding a very nifty site called Vintage Drum Center.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
I found all sorts of useful information on what size to buy and they had very competitive pricing. We had to pay for shipping, but in exchange we have a knowledgeable company on our side should things go awry.

It was a bit daunting assembling the drums, but the directions they emailed us were very clear. The drums have a good tone and Max loves them. So much in fact he has told me that he can't wait to take lessons.

So yes it will be loud, but we are already a pretty loud family. What's an additional crash and boom?

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