Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Artist of the Week: India

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This week's artist is the ever so active Nate.

He has only two settings, on and off. The off setting only comes into play when he is truly wiped out. Conversely if he doesn't find some sort of outlet for his boundless energy he positively vibrates. Fortunately he is able to channel his energy into sports.

Lacrosse is an excellent fit for Nate, lots of running around and a waving a stick in air. And this picture is of him from the end of the year party for his lacrosse team. He went from being a rank amateur at the beginning of the season to a fairly good player. He really took a shine to being the goalie and shows a lot of promise in that position.

Another way Nate is able to redirect his energy is through his academics. He has laser-like focus and a phenomenal memory. As in sports, he wants to excel in school. Unfortunately his enthusiasm in the past has caused him to rush things and produce some rather messy creations. But this year he learned to throttle back and pay a bit more attention to the details.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

This map is what he can accomplish when he slows down.

The assignment was mapping India by heart. Nate had to drawn a grid denoting longitude and latitude and use point coordinates to make the outline of India. Then the points were connected while looking at a map of Asia. India's major cities, neighboring countries, and prominent geological features were then added to the map.

Nate had to use color, ink in all the lines, and create a map key.

I think his final product came out very well. It is far, far neater than anything he produced in third grade. The end result is very polished and complete. I was amazed when I found out it was entirely hand drawn. I always knew he had it in him, he just had to learn to take care of the details and slow down.

I think there will always be a bit of the rush through and just do something element in Nate's life, but it's nice to see that he can rein himself in when needed.

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