Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

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Yeah right.

So far today I have spent half an hour at my local hardware store sorting out replacement parts, drained the hot water heater, replaced it's drain valve (had an annoying slow drip), then replaced the shut off valve to the dishwasher's supply line (while cursing the cheap non standard valve originally installed), refilled the water water tank and tightened up the cold water supply valve to the tank, and then reassembled the outside hose to it's caddy so it no longer drips.

Oh and I picked up a few things for dinner when I was out and about and made the kids lunch.

All done before 1:00 pm.

So dang it, I deserve a trip to "For the Love of Chocolate."

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Anonymous said...

I HATE builder-grade hardware. Rip it all out and replace it.