Friday, July 30, 2010

Mountain Time

Gile mountain
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As I mentioned yesterday there was a bit of mountain hiking during our vacation. My mom lives in Vermont surrounded by a plethora of hiking trails. I declined both hikes using inadequate footwear. I love my sandals, but they are not really suited for long hikes. For some reason I neglected to toss in the car a pair of sneakers for myself.

Of course what I define as a good hiking shoe is completely different from Rebecca's ideal. She knew they were going to hike up a mountain and yet she chose a very girlie outfit. A pretty blue dress with brown flats was her idea of a hiking ensemble.

For the first hike the idea was something easy for the whole family. Gile mountain is not at all far away and fit the bill. Larry took this picture of Max, Nate, and Rebecca at the top. It was a bit overcast, but you can see all three had fun on their adventure. They opted not to scale the fire tower on top, but from there you can get a very impressive view of the surrounding area.

Mount Cardingan
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The next day just Larry and Nate went off for a much more challenging hike. After a bit of discussion on various spots they settled on Mount Cardigan. It was no walk in the park, but it didn't seem to slow down Nate aka goat-boy very much. They made the summit, a far more impressive affair since it is bare rock and the camera's battery promptly went kaput. Larry used his cell phone and got some nice shots, but I don't have them yet.

They had a good time and it made for a nice father and son moment. Plus Nate got to burn off some of his excess energy before we headed on over to in-law's in CT. Four hours in a car is not much fun for an active boy. We like to make sure he gets some exercise before we stuff him in the car.

Next year I'll try to remember to bring sneakers so I can join in on the fun.

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