Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Artist of the Week: Scamartistry

I got the following missive from Princess Newman and it's too good not to share.

Dear Respected,

My name is Miss Princess Newman, a 19 years old girl, My mother died with her baby during delivery and my father Hon. Mr Felix Newman later died last year as he was poisoned by his family brother. My late father was a wealthy Gold and Diamond miner and on several government appointments, on that the $7.7 million USD was legitimately earned and deposited with an international bank here, concerning the deposited $7.7 million USD, I am contacting to help for its investment in your country and I have the inheritance Will as the Rightful owner and every other deposit proves and papers.

I got your contacts and your profile during my desperate search for a foreign partner, I contacted you to seek for your partnership to assist me to move this money to your country for investments.

My questions are; (1) what will be your percentage for your noble assistance?? (2) Can you be of help to invest the money into Real Estate or Hotel management as soon as you received the funds? (3) Can it be possible for me to further studies in your country ? Note that this is 100% legitimate and will forward every details and related deposit documents as soon as you write me.Please get back to me with this mail: -spam of doom email address-

Best regards,
Miss Princess Newman

Princess Newman you rock and totally qualify as artist of the week!


Diane said...

Whew. I was afraid you had disappeared.

I'm getting more than the usual number of these scam requests lately. Don't they know we are in a recession? Or are they trying to get all our money before the big tax hike takes effect in January?

Sarah said...

Oh we had just gone on vacation and I don't like broadcasting that on the internets.

I thought this spam was particularly hilarious, the bit about the family brother is my favorite.