Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Artist of the Week: Slugs

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This week it's Jake's turn to be artist of the week.

I love this picture I took of him when we were at my cousins' house. He looks happy and I like the composition. I did not do any cropping or tweaking of the original image, it is just straight out of the camera to you. Of course now he informs me that he doesn't really care for this picture.


That's life and I guess we will just have a difference of opinion on this one.

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As for this week's art, we are in agreement. We both like the piece.

It's the last of his big pieces from art class. Jake told me the white forms are called "slug." They are simply pieces of white paper cut and then folded in such a way that the paper has a tented three dimensional form. The "slugs" were then glued in place.

The overall feel of the piece is very organic and flowing. I like how there is a balance in both positive and negative space. I just plain enjoy looking at it. And really, what more could you want from art?

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Diane said...

It is very appealing - it looks a bit like a woman's hair flowing around a face you can't see, and need to imagine on your own. Love the dimensionality of it.

But "Slugs" Not such an appealing title!