Friday, August 06, 2010

Molly and Charlie

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This is Molly.

She is one of my little cousins. If I remember correctly, she is one of my cousin's grand daughters and no, this is not the cousin we stayed with. I have a rather large extended family in New England. So this would make her my first cousin twice removed.

And I'm pretty sure she's my children's second cousin once removed.


The generational thing makes it so complicated.

Basically Molly is family and a seriously adorable member of the family too. I just had to take a picture of her. Her chubby little toddler thighs and the way she just stood there, calmly surveying her kingdom. It was all too much and I had to take a picture.

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This is Charlie.

He is a Portuguese Water Dog and he belongs to my cousin. And again, not the cousin we were staying with, nor Molly's family. Instead Charlie belongs to my cousin that owns the kayak we borrowed.

For those keeping score she is the sister of the cousin we stayed with (I told you I had a large extended family- there are scads of people out there I'm related to). Charlie and his family were also staying at my cousin's house.

Charlie is a wonderful example of the breed, full of energy and very sweet. My children got a very good dog fix at my cousin's house between his lovely two dogs and Charlie.

Molly and Charlie
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This is Charlie and Molly together.

Molly fell in love with Charlie. He is just the right size for her, not too big and not too small. He was also very accommodating and did not mind at all her hanging all over him. I think he liked the attention and had figured out that toddlers often mean food.

They spent a good 20 minutes together. He would stand there and she would grab at his coat, babbling in delight.

Charlie is a very good dog.

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