Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing Aunt Abby

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We had a house guest this weekend, or as the dogs thought of it, Dell and John had a house guest.

My sister in law came to visit and John fell in love.

He is an affectionate dog, just not overly demonstrative after the initial excitement wears off when someone new enters the house.

But Aunt Abby was the exception.

Instead of wandering off and sacking out he always near her. Trying desperately to be in her lap and keep Dell out. Larry and I noticed what was going on and told Abby she was very special. John is choosy about who he follows around, as opposed to Dell-if you-pat-me-I'll be-your-BFF. Luckily Abby likes dogs and really didn't mind the attention.

However, house guests ultimately have to go back home. Early this morning she left, leaving John here and coping as best he can.

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