Thursday, September 16, 2010

Box of Fun

box of penguins
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I've been trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get kids a bit more organized in their bedrooms. It would be nice if their rooms looked a bit less post apocalypse. I'm not asking for a completely sterile environment, just one where you can see the floor.

I think they basically like the concept, it's just lacking in execution. Max, however, did wholeheartedly embrace the idea of everything in it's place. He loves putting things into boxes and pictured here is his penguin box.

Last year for valentine's day his mailbox was wrapped with various wrapping papers we had around the house. The box it self was covered with a metallic undersea themed paper that was not terribly appropriate for the date, but was very colorful. For the lid Max selected some penguin themed holiday wrap that had a red, ( fortunately considering this was for Valentine's day) back ground. This has since become his penguin box. It doesn't quite hold all of them, the largest one would fill the box. However, it does hold the bulk of his collection and it's a start.

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