Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artist of the Week: PW's Photo Assignments

kitten by Teckelcar
kitten, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
This week I'm featuring another photo group, PW Photography Assignment Group. Ree, aka Pioneer Woman, gives out assignments and invites all to give it a try. Sometimes there is a contest with prizes, sometimes not. The assignments range from creating an original photo that evoke a particular theme, to creative edits of one of her photographs.

Currently she has a picture of one of her daughters holding a kitten and wants to know how would we, her readers, would edit the photo to make it better. Ree is focusing on the difference that going from color to black and white or sepia can change an image.

I agree with her that the photo is much improved with a reduced color palate. I went for an "antique" effect which is pretty much a sepia tone. I futzed with the brightness and contrast to get just the right effect. However what really struck me about the photo was the composition. The original is nice, but to me it really needed to be cropped.

Most of my pictures are minimally processed, a little color correction, a bit of contrast/brightness, and some cropping are the norm for me. I'm a huge fan of cropping, a good crop can save a poor composition. With my chosen crop, I've changed the focus of the picture from the sharply focused kitten to the girl's rather dreamy expression. The kitten is still prominently featured, but the focus has shifted.

So we'll see if my edit catches Ree/s eye, either way it's a fun assignment.

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