Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Train Near Magdeburg

I stumbled upon an article when I was looking at the 40 most powerful photographs ever taken.

I love looking at  classic images and for the most port they were stunning. But one was a bit odd and stood out. Its format was different, clearly lifted out of a type written article. I pursued the link provided and learned of the  fascinating story behind the image.

A Train Near Magdeburg tells part of the story of 743rd Tank Battalion and the 30th Infantry Division's liberation of 2,500 Jews that had been crammed aboard a death train and abandoned on a siding after meandering across Germany. It's a powerful story with additional links at the end that are well worth following. The article is the result of one small high school's teacher's efforts on the importance of studying history. His Web Log is Teaching History Matters.

Go and read.

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