Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Artist of the Week: Golden City

Max by Teckelcar
Max, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
First off, no we did not get more snow. The picture is from back in January and I just plain like it. The weather has been far more seasonally appropriate and I think it's pretty safe to say that winter is really and truly over. Although I was able to pull a minor prank on Rebecca Monday when a gust of wind blew white petals towards us as we ere driving along. As we drove through the swirl of white I said "What it's snowing again?!" and for a brief moment I had Rebecca thinking it was snowing.

Anyhoodle, snowy picture aside, this week's art by Max is not snow based.

Max sunset by Teckelcar
Max sunset, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
A couple of weeks ago was the annual "do a craft with your parent/guardian" at Sunday school. The kids have fun and it's a way for the parents to meet each other. He have made things from illuminated manuscripts, challah covers, to candle stick holders. This time around we would be making "The Golden City" aka Jerusalem at sunset.

The blocks of stone used used to build the walls of Jerusalem have a golden glow when the light of the setting sun strikes them. Thus Jerusalem is nicknamed the Golden City.

We were given a blank sheet of paper with the instructions to color it like the sky at sunset. Then we were to cut out three layers of the city that were printed on various colored papers. Then he picture was to be decorated using glitter and glue.

Max was less than thrilled with the coloring, cutting, and pasting. He does not enjoy crafts. The highly structured aspect of crafting goes against his grain. He likes to do things his own way with full freedom of expression. So it was a slog getting through the first parts of the project. Max, however, perked right up when he got to the glue and glitter. It was strongly suggested that the layers be outlined with the glue and glitter, but thankfully not required. So Max went to town, filling the sky with glitter.

The end result was rather pleasing and Max was vry happy that he got to express himself.

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