Sunday, October 27, 2013

Little Witch

little witch by Teckelcar
little witch, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
This weekend Rebecca was invited to attend a "Trunk or Treat" with a friend in the neighborhood. It was a first time for anybody in our family. I've been aware of such things for years, but never bothered since our kids got plenty of candy in our neighborhood.

I don't know when Rebecca got invited, but the first I heard of it was Friday afternoon right before we headed out for services.  Rebecca did apologize for the late noticed and then wanted to know if she could get a new costume.

Ah... no.

She had one from last year that still fit and since this was most likely her last year I wasn't willing to spring for a new one. Plus add in a busy day Saturday, there wasn't any time. She would have to make do with an old costume or cobble one together with all the stuff we already have.

And this is what she put together: a feathery witches hat she picked up for a couple of dollars last year, a long dress, a cape we had knocking about, a decorative broom (the lone survivor when I made a Harry Potter brooms for all four), a stuffed cat as her familiar in her candy bucket, silver shoes a la Wizard of Oz, and my stripey witch socks. I think it came out rather well and as a finishing touch I painted her finger nails dark (almost black) blue.

Rebecca was very pleased and had a devilishly good time.

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