Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Last Bit of Summer

Beach by Teckelcar
Beach, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Sunday we took advantage of the return of summer weather by going to the beach, specifically Virginia Beach's Little Island Park. A sweet gem of a beach that is south of all the bustle and lights of Virginia Beach proper.

I found out it's existence when taking Rebecca to her soccer game over in Chesapeake.  Since we were so close to the ocean I thought it would be nice to go to the beach after her game.  I did a little searching online the night before and found Little Island Park. Sadly she had too much homework, so we headed straight home, but I took note of the beach for a possible future trip. Larry liked the idea and we looked at our calendar for an open date. The earliest we could go turned out to be Oct. 6th.

The weather cooled and it looked a bit doubtful, but as luck would have it summer came back. The warm weather was forecasted to extend to Sunday, so we made our plans and told the kids on Saturday. Jacob begged off, he had plans with friends. This was no surprise as he is not a huge fan of the whole beach thing. Nate too wanted to stay home, he had homework to finish. We almost lost Max and Rebecca, but we convinced them to go. It was going to be a nice trip for just the four of us.

And it was a perfect day to go to the beach. It was warm with a good breeze, the beach wasn't crowded, and best of all the ocean was a lovely temperature to swim in. Around here October is a wonderful time to go to the beach. It's off season so the traffic and parking issues of high summer are nonexistent. Yet the ocean is still warm and you can still get the odd hot spell that makes it all perfect.

It was a lovely last bit of summer.

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