Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artist of the Week: Origami Hats

Nate the hatmaker
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This week's artist is Nate who ironically wore his Ninja monkey shirt today.

As part of his gifted program, Nate is exposed to different languages and the associated countries throughout the school year. This semester he has been learning about Japan, Japanese, and a little bit about the culture. A few weeks ago they had a Japanese food day and I went in to help dish food out (This was one of the very few times I haven't brought in food. I figured the other parents could pick up the sushi and tempura.) I learned all about proper chop stick etiquette (don't stab the food) and that I have a talent for opening funky Japanese soda bottles. Instead of a cap there was a plunger with a ball blocking the mouth. Very odd and very Japanese. As for the soda... well it tasted like fizzy liquid candy. Not at all my thing, but the kids loved it.

So anyway, the students are learning about Japan and one of the things their lessons is the art origami.

Paper Samurai hats
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Nate came home today from school with the cutest little origami Samurai hat. It was roughly four by three inches, just the right size for a cat. After showing off his creation to me, which has since disappeared, he immediately asked for some newspaper so he could make a people sized hat.

His siblings were all suitably impressed and were very interested in Nate's creation. So much so that in the end Nate made hats for everybody. I even got one. They fit rather well and are a rather fun bit of paper folding.

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