Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Three Sons

three boys
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For the most part I take the bulk of the pictures in my family. Once in awhile Larry is able to liberate out camera and take a few shots himself. Most of the time I'm unaware of his picture taking, it's not until I download them from the camera do I see what goes on without me.

Larry took this picture about two weeks ago. I love the lighting. very warm and soft with a bit of brightness at the edges. I think it's a hoot that the boys arranged themselves by height and color. Even their hair color follows a gradient.

Larry has an excellent eye for noticing great shots like these.

As to what the boys are doing, I have no idea. I think they were creating a very long picture using multiple sheets of paper. Either way it is a treat to see them so obviously engaged and delighted by whatever it is that they are doing.

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