Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Is Why I Stay Home

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Today was second grade's big field trip to the zoo and as always it was hotter than heck. Normally I would be a chaperon or, at the very least, tag along in my own car. The kids love that I volunteer all the time and with Max's need for digestive enzymes, it makes it a whole lot easier as well.

But not this time, I had other things going on this morning. I couldn't reschedule and I was a wee bit relieved that I wouldn't be out in the 90+ temp. foretasted for today.

Around mid-morning I was back at home, puttering around and collecting trash for a dump run when the phone rang.

It was Rebecca's teacher.

Rebecca was not feeling well. Her face was flushed and she was crying. I instantly new she was suffering from heat exhaustion. Unfortantely Rebecca has inherited my inability to cope with hot weather. I have gotten a bit better over the years, but honestly I wouldn't last very long in the South without ac in the home. I told Rebecca's teacher to take my little petite flower to the gift shop and give her water, after about 15 minutes in the air conditioning she would perk right up. If needed, I could drive over to the zoo and bring her home.

Her teacher thought I probably did not need to come, she would give Rebecca some time to recover and call me back.

Not ten minutes later Mrs. T called back. Rebecca was inconsolable and needed to talk to me. I tried to cheer her up via phone, but it was no use. She wanted to be with her mommy. So I ended up making my first ever "emergency zoo run."

By the time I got there Rebecca was feeling much better and lit up when she saw me. I spent the rest of the day strolling about the zoo with Rebecca.

I'm glad I was able to be there for her and I think just the knowledge I was coming helped her recover, that and the fact I was there for her and not Max.


Diane said...

"that and the fact I was there for her and not Max. "

It has to be difficult to have a sibling whose health demands extra parental attention. How wonderful that you could be there for Rebecca; we need more moms who are willing and able to be there when needed.

I'm with you on the heat. It's going up to ninety on Sunday, on the weekend on which I planned to quilt like a crazy a flat with no a/c. Shoot me now.

ZZ said...

Good job, Supermom!