Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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In attendance that is, certainly not in picture quality.

Though I will point out in the photographer's defense (i.e. me) it was the evil trifecta of poor indoor lighting, a bit too far away for effective flash, and a fast moving target that pretty much ran up grabbed the award and sprinted back down to his seat.


Anyhoodle, Max was one of three, yes three students, to receive the perfect attendance award at Hebrew school this year. Which I think is pretty darn cool considering he has CF and we had not one but two strains of flu floating around this winter. He had a good winter and I hadn't realized his perfect attendance until I got the letter in the mail about his award.

The rest of our brood were a bit disappointed that they were not recipients, but then again their absences were genuine and not the result of slacker parents. So yay us and a big hooray for Max's good health this past winter.

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Alissa said...

Yay Max!!!! Recognition is good :)