Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artist of the Week: Snake

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Ah, back to my old routine.

Rebecca ushers back the Artist of the Week in fine style.

At the beginning of June Jake had been invited to appear before the school board. It was to recognize all the students that participated in the Future City and their accomplishments. Jake wore a jacket and tie, Max wore his little suit (Which incidentally he loves wearing and cheerfully announces the he looks like "a miniature business man." He's just too cute for words.), Nate had on a polo shirt with khakis, and little Miss Rebecca selected a long blue dress with matching sweater.

She loves to dress up and never misses an opportunity to do so.

Once Jake's portion of the school board presentation was over we quietly left the building. There was no need for us to be there any longer and it was a school night. As Larry and I herded the kids to the van we decided to try to take advantage of them being in their finery and snapped a few photos.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
As for the art itself, it is from the art class Rebecca took way back in March. I have already featured a different drawing here.

When Rebecca made for snake drawing the media for the week was magic markers. I love the vividness of the colors and how the little red tongue "pops" out of the picture. I know that some people are put off by the subject matter, a snake, but I love how sinuous it is. The smooth application of color from the markers greatly enhance the image. I think it is a terrific drawing.

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