Sunday, August 08, 2010

Two Visitors

Two fauns
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
Actually it's four visitors when you add in mom and dad.

We have a little nuclear deer family in our backyard. This morning Larry and I got to see a buck, a doe, and two little fauns grazing in our backyard. We admired them for a bit, but soon we had to let out the dogs and the deer were gone before we could get a picture.

Later this afternoon the fauns made a reappearance. They slipped out of the woods and it was just shear luck that I was out on the deck. The fauns were just brave enough to allow me to go back inside and grab my camera. I decided to stay up on the deck and got this one quick shot. To give you some scale, there is a basketball just behind the faun on the left.

I regularly gripe about what a nuisance the deer are around here, but I have to admit they are cute. Especially the little ones when they pose so nicely for the camera.


Diane said...

I love their ears - so big, so alert! Having that basketball is helpful - they really are smaller than I thought!

Anonymous said...

Your own little Narnian experience there.