Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Beetography 7
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Sunday was gorgeous, bright and sunny with a light breeze. My favorite tree in our yard was pretty much in full bloom. And I happy to report that this year I haven't needed to vacuum out tent caterpillars from the aforementioned tree.


The crab apple instead has been abuzz with bees. So many in fact that a loud thrumming noise was audible a fair distance from the tree. A bit intimidating at first, but we soon realized that the bees were far to busy with the flowers to pay us any heed.

I took advantage of the bees' preoccupation and spent a good forty five minutes taking pictures of them. I was literally sticking the camera just inches away from the bees and merrily snapping pictures. The only incident I experiance was when a bee bounced off of my hand as it bumbled through the blossoms. A bit freaky for, but the bee didn't even seem to notice.

If you click on the above picture (or here) it'll take you to my Flickr account and the full set of bee pictures I took. I'm particularly proud of the fact that I even got a bee in mid-flight. Too bad it was headed away from the camera.

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