Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quiet Weekend

highway home
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I didn't do a whole lot of driving this weekend.

Larry and I divvied up the kids and I ended up only taking Rebecca to her game. Larry took Max (his game conflicted with Rebecca's) and in the afternoon took Nate. And I'm happy to report that in all three games our team won.

Woo Hoo!

Then all I had to do was run the crew up to Richmond for Hebrew school.

The rest of my time was spent reading and picking up the hundreds of sticks from the lawn so we could mow. The lawn still doesn't look great, but at least the weeds and grass are all at the same height. I won't even talk about what the dogs did, except that it took 15 bags of soil and a 5 pound bag of grass seed to fix their mole hunting activities.

Having dachshunds is not conducive to having a perfect lawn.

Otherwise it was a lovely weekend with the added bonus of Meryl coming for dinner.

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