Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene Goodnight

Irene by Teckelcar
Irene, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Hi there!

After 3 days and 6 hours without electricity, I'm back with two very clean fridges and a whole lot of twigs and branches across the yard.

We got off very lightly. We only lost two and a half trees on our property (the half is a leaner we need to have cut down). One missed the shed by about ten feet and the other is parallel to the tree that was felled by Isabel in 2003, both missed the playsets in our backyard.

As for food, I'm very fortunate to have a good friend like Meryl. She never lost power and happily opened her fridge and kitchen to us. So the only things I tossed are the odd item that turns up when you empty out a fridge (that sour cream is how old?).

Add on top to this this, my mother flew in for a quick visit.

So needless to say I've been a wee bit busy and Artist of the Week has to wait until next week.

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Diane said...

I was starting to worry. I figured you had lost power - can't have been fun to go so long without it. Glad to hear the trees missed anything (and anyone!) important.