Thursday, May 31, 2012

20 Years Ago Yesterday

Wednesday was a very busy day.

20 years ago Larry and I said I do, so the plan was for a night out. Which got complicated when Nate's 6pm to 8pm lacrosse practice shifted to that day. Coupled with a fancy hair cut I earned by doing a spot of photography for the salon's owners, my day was spent zipping around Richmond.

Something had to give, hence the lack of post on Wednesday.

And it was a good decision. We had a lovely time at our favorite fancy restaurant, Juleps. It was nice being able to linger over an exquisitely prepared meal. The service was discrete with the nice little touch of the menu saying "Happy Anniversary" across the top (Larry told them when making the reservation).

And the fancy haircut, well it's rather rock'n'roll with a side of aubergine.

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