Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yellow Submarine

Sometime last week I noticed that a theater up in Richmond would have two screenings of "The Yellow Submarine." From what I gathered the film had been recently restored by hand and frame by frame. The plan by the studio is to have an extremely limited release of the film and then issue the remastered DVD.

I have heard nothing about this in any way shape or form. If I hadn't been checking on upcoming movies I never would have known. I don't think I ever got to see it on the big screen when I was little, instead I saw it on TV and fell in love with the movie. I'm not sure if I was a Beatles fan before hand, but at the very least it sealed the deal. Right now we have a very worn VHS copy that we all enjoy watching. I mentioned the movie to Larry and he was game to go. In fact he suggested that we got out to dinner before hand and have that as my mother's day treat.

Ooo Mother's day without all the fuss and bother in the restaurants that occurs on the official date.

I jumped on it with a big yes! I think Mother's day is one of the worst days to go out to eat. The crowds, the noise, and so on. By celebrating early I get to miss the worst day of the year to go out to eat. And enjoy it I did.

The only bad part was I got caught in an awful traffic jam before dinner so the meal was a bit rushed. And rush we did. We did miss the very opening of the movie, but that was not a problem. The kids know it well as do Larry and I. Nate wasn't too thrilled when Larry and I sang along in parts. I soften my voice and he got over it.

As to the movie... well most of the problems were from the theater. The first five or ten minutes where spent adjusting and readjusting the picture size along with the focus, then we lost the picture entirely. Luckily the staff at the theater was able to rectify the situation and we were able to lose ourselves in the movie.

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