Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ow, Ow, Ow

As of yesterday I have started biking again and my legs are none too happy. I'm being sensible and not pushing too hard since it's been about a year. I need to build my self back up before tackling the long rides I used to do. At least I have been walking regularly so I'm not completely out of shape.

Why I stopped... I don't know.

I got busy and then there was the infamous poop on the helmet incident. Nate borrowed my helmet one day and somehow managed to drop it in dog poop. He felt bad and wanted to clean it up, but I decided it was time to get a new helmet. I've had it for well over a decade and it was time. So yet another reason not to bike. A few weeks later I did get a nice new helmet. But it languished in the garage, slung over the handle bars by its straps.

I figure it'll take a week to get re-acclimated (oh my poor tush) and then I'll start stretching the ride out. The good news is that I felt pretty good today, no muscle strain. Just a slightly sore bottom from the seat. I really need to get a new seat.

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