Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Purim

hamantaschen by Teckelcar
hamantaschen, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
This is that is left of the five dozen hamantaschen I baked for today's Purim party.

The bottom two are my standard chocolate filled hamantaschen. The recipes for both the filling and the dough are here and as an added bonus you get to see very cute pictures of Rebecca when she was four and a half years old.

The top two are Caramel Apple Hamantaschen, a new to me variation I found over at The Shiksa in the Kitchen, dulce de leche is added to cooked apples for a delicious little treat.

So yay! I get to use the best ever written recipe and make some dulche de leche.

Rebecca wasn't too sure about the apple filling, but she was more than happy to add it or chocolate to the little circles of dough. We ended up making 2 1/2 dozen of each of the two cookies. Both of the cookies were well received at the party, thus only the four cookies remain. Fortunately for the kids I had squirreled away half or the dough and the left over filling to make more cookies just for us.

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Diane said...

I really do wish I lived closer. I'd happily supplant your family as official taste tester. This looks wonderful!