Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Artist of the Week: Ecosystem Cube II

Rebecca by Teckelcar
Rebecca, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
This week's artist is the rather thoughtful looking Rebecca. It took quite a few tries to get this picture. In every other one she would turn at the last second and mug for the camera. This was the last one I took and she finally tired of the game.At least she was willing to be photographed, I know those days are numbered.

Anyhoodle one of the interesting things about school aged twins is that although they are in different classrooms they eventually end up doing the same projects. A few weeks ago I posted Max's Ecosystem Cube, now it is Miss Rebecca's turn.

Eco Cube by Teckelcar
Eco Cube, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
The biggest difference between the two projects is color.

Rebecca loves color. The more color the better and she is very bold in her use of said color. She loves to draw and she wants it to be noticed. If you want to see all six sides of the cube, click on the picture. The picture here is part of the full set of pictures.

Her cube is all about ponds. Like Max, Rebecca illustrated topics such as Human Impact, Life cycles, and so on. She put a fair amount of effort into it, but some of it was at the last second. It was due on a Monday and she planned to finish it over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday came and went, on Monday morning it dawned on her that she has completely forgotten. There was a huge panic and I talked her down and gave her the option to be driven to school. Rebecca was able to pull herself together and was just able to finish it before class.

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