Sunday, March 24, 2013

It' Beginning to Look a lot like Pesach

three inches by Teckelcar
three inches, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Title shamelessly stolen from Meryl Yourish.

Yes, that is a ruler in the snow and it really is measuring out 3 inches. I knew we were going to get some sort of big weather today, but this is far beyond what I expected.

This morning was my turn to drive the car pool to Sunday school. As I waited outside with the other parents for our children to be released the weather was the hot topic of conversation. There was a cold biting wind that smelled of snow, and my elbow had been bothering me this morning. 30 years ago I broke it, just knocked the end off the ulna and there is, literally, a three inch wood screw in there. When big storm systems are moving into the area I get twinges of pain in my elbow.

So anyhoodle I knew we were in for it.

Front yard by Teckelcar
Front yard, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
 The rain and sleet started around noon and the weather steadily worsened as the temperature dropped. By midafternoon it had switched to snow and was falling heavily. At around 5:30 pm this was the view of our front yard. This is the biggest snow fall we have gotten this year and of course school was declared closed for Monday around 7.

So yay! We get to reveal in our last bits of bread before Passover comes tomorrow night. I foresee a big pot of pasta for lunch.


Diane said...

I almost (almost feel guilty about our relatively mild winter. We've not been hit with anything bad enough to close schools except for one storm-that-wasn't, where the administrators panicked in advanced and closed the night before.

We didn't get anywhere near what had been forecas

Sarah said...

we had a mild winter, we are just having a freakishly snowy spring. And... the snow has started back up again.