Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Snow

cherry blossum snow 4 by Teckelcar
cherry blossum snow 4, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
We got a bit of a surprise this morning. The day started with a leaden sky, very cold, with a damp wind. At around a quarter to eight it started to snow.

I didn't believe it at first, but soon the flakes were falling fast and thick. A light dusting of snow covered the yard. An hour later it was time to go to the bus stop and by then the snow had tapered off. I made sure I had my camera for the morning walk because I knew the snow would not last.

The dogs were put off by the cold and wet, so the walk was very short. I had no complaints as this gave me more time to take pictures before it was all gone.  In fact  a couple of hours later and all the snow was gone.

If you click on the picture you can see the whole set of pictures I took.

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Diane said...

They are lovely - it's incredible how the open flower petals can support the snow.