Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Artist of the Week: Toys

big bubble
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My mother, Nana to he kids, has a real knack for picking out toys. She keeps her eyes open and finds them in all sorts of places.

We just saw her last week and her surprise for the kids were bubble wands. And just your ordinary ones, but monster bubble wands.

She was once again, spot on.

She bought two wands and we decided that one would stay with her and the second one would come home with us.

bubble wall
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Today we broke out the second wand. Meryl had stopped by and the kids wanted to show it off.

The beauty of this particular wand is that anybody can use it to good effect. Jake and Nate had a great time making, capturing and breaking bubbles. Max and Rebecca were able to make some monstrous bubbles all by themselves. All I did was hold onto the reservoir, a long sheath that you stick the wand in. It can't stand alone, but it is far better than a big pan of bubble solution.

I love the bubble wall Max was able to make with almost no effort. I have tried other monster bubble wands, but none were as easy to use as this one.

bubble wand
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Thank you Nana for once again finding a great toy.

We are all having great fun with it.

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