Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's Too Hot

Today was dreadful.

Summer has hit Virginia with full force today. The pool is starting to feel like a giant bathtub and sweat pours off your all ready sticky body from the high humidity.

So of course I had a ton of errands to do today, the dump, the bank, the post office and the oil change place for the van.

The dump wasn't too bad, it was largely deserted and I was able to tip out my garbage in short order. The bank and the PO were also a snap, at 4:30 pm both places were empty. I guess more sensible people were staying home to escape the heat. All that was left was getting the van's oil changed.

I pulled up to the Jiffy Lube and was able to get my van straight into one of the bays. I noticed a man loitering near the garage, but thought nothing of him. That is until I entered the waiting room. Apparently the air conditioning was out. The heat hit me like brick. It was stifling inside the building. I then understood why the guy was outside. It was much nicer in the garage than in the waiting room.

After a few minutes one of the techs called me over and we discussed my service options. He recommended a fuel filter change (which I declined, I had just down that a few months ago elsewhere) and a transmission flush (which struck me as a good idea since it has been awhile) along with the oil change. The whole thing would take about a half hour.

Gee 30 minutes with two five year olds in the sweat box waiting room, that sounds just peachy. Then I remembered the Dairy Queen just next door. We could have a nice frozen treat in air conditioned comfort with a direct view of the van. Now that was an option. I told the tech where we would be and then hustled off for ice cream.

Max, Rebecca and i settled down at the window opposite the van and enjoyed our ice cream. Just as I finished my cone I saw the van pulling out of the service bay. There is no way that was half an hour. We walked back to the van and into the sweat bax. a moment later the tech came in so that we could pay up. I said that was fast and he replied that they couldn't do the transmission flush and kid of spend things up. I'll say.

Anyhow, that was fine with me, I could do it later. It wasn't that critical.

Maybe on a day when the ac works.

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