Monday, August 27, 2007

What a Guy

As summer draws to a close and the start of school is just around the corner, soccer season begins. All four of our crew are signed up this fall. The boys were a no brainer, but Rebecca was a bit of a surprise. She flat out refused to play last year and Larry had to give her credit for her firm stance.

But after six months on the sidelines she was ready to give it another try.

So we dutifully signed everybody up a few months ago and Larry volunteered to coach Max and Rebecca's U6 team.

Our soccer club has a few paid coaches for the travel teams but on the recreational level all of the coaching is done by volunteers. Larry has been a good sport an has been a head coach or the very least assistant for quite some time.

Practice was supposed to start last week, but the club didn't even send out rosters until last weekend and it was only some of the teams. The club then sent out an impassioned plea for more coaches. There are four U12 teams, but only two coaches. They needed a few more volunteers.

Larry is such a nice guy he volunteered to take on one of the U12 teams in addition to the U6 team he already had.

Nate, of course, is very jealous that he doesn't have his father for a coach, but two teams is the limit.

So starting tomorrow we'll be spending a whole lotta time out on the field.

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