Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Artist of the Week: Photography

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This week's artist is Larry's sister Abby. Since the most recent photo I have of her either has one of my kids in the way or is a few years out of date I decided to go whole hog and post this cute snapshot from her toddler years. She is utterle adorable and her being at the beach fits in with the theme of the pictures she took.

Afew days ago Abby sent us a few pictures she had taken a couple of years ago when we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The reason that she was sending them now was that she had just taken a photography course and these were a few of the pictures she used for her final project.

beach Nate
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The two I'm posting her are both of Nate. He was in that sweet chubby cheek phase. He is so happy to be on the beach running around and getting covered in sand and mud. He loved going down to the beach every day. He would be bouncing around the house as we got ready to head on down. I love that little gap tooth smile of his.

I think the second picture was taken at twilight. I'm basing this guess on the almost molten quality of the light reflected in the tide pool. After dinner we would head back to the beach for a stoll and a quiet splash in the tide pools. The beach was never very crowded during the day and was even less so at the days end.

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I think this was my favorite time of day at the beach. I love the beach during a hot summer day, but I think it is even better during the off times. Then it can be quiet, almost secluded. Summer is best for splashing in the waves, but the rest of the year has its own appeal as well.

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