Monday, February 18, 2008

Attack of the Bulgarians

Today I was inside my house while a Bulgarian attacked.

Which wasn't such a bad thing.

Last week during the wind storm some of the siding got blown off. We were planning on getting the house repainted this summer, this just pushed things up a bit. Last week we got a couple of bids on having the house painted and the associated carpentry work necessary (the house has this awful pressboard siding that crumbles when wet, ideal for such a humid area).

Anyway we picked our contractor yesterday (Sunday) and they told us they could start immediately, as in "we're sending a guy out Monday afternoon to power wash." This resulted in a panicked clearing of the deck and pruning of the bushes around the selfsame deck. The guy showed up and spent the whole afternoon spraying bleach and water all over the house.

We think the guy is from Bulgaria, since the head honcho is from there. While speaking with him last week I noticed his strong accent. I couldn't place it and in the end I asked him point blank. I told him that I truly enjoyed listening to his voice and I just wanted to know (I can be very bold when the mood strikes me). So of course when we met today's crew member and he clearly did not speak English we figured he was a Bulgarian too.

I can't wait to meet the rest of the crew.

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