Thursday, August 07, 2008

Adventures in Color

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I've been going to the same hair salon pretty much since we moved to this house. It's been over nine years and I've gone through four different stylists. The first one stopped cutting hair, the second one disappeared (I think her schedule and the salon's was not working out), I didn't like the third one and the fourth one moved to Philly.

The most frustrating part is just when I have the stylist cutting my hair just right she leaves me. My hair cut isn't particularly fancy, all I want is a graduated bob. A bit of a variation on Louise Brooks' classic hairstyle. The only challenge is learningto belive me when I say I want to cut off 2 inches. My hair grows very fast and I'm not afraid to go very short. Oh and then there is the gray.

I always had a few gray hairs, but when I was pregnant with Jake they came in with a vengeance. As you can see from my rots I am at least 60 % gray (all right 80%). When my hair grows out I get what I call my skunk stripe.

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Since I am now between stylists I'm a bit adrift. I hate having to go through training a new stylist and I'm tired of shelling out all the money to color my hair. So I decide to be brave and color it myself.

I picked a color that was fairly close to what I wanted that was geared towards coloring gray hair. The process was a bit messy, but at one sixth the cost- I can deal with it.

I think the end result is pretty good. The pictures really don't do it justice, the coverage is much better. I think I have bought myself some time before I next have to go in and I don't think I be paying for a stylist to color my hair.

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