Sunday, August 03, 2008

In Praise of Big Brothers

big brother
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It isn't always sweetness and light in this household. Siblings yell at each other, slam doors and whine about the unfairness of it all, but on the whole they all do get along remarkably well. Last night was one of those moments when I'm really amazed at how much they care for each other.

For the past two nights Nate had been on an extended sleepover. This has been a bit rough on Max because he shares his room with Nate. Max doesn't like sleeping alone, which is understandable since he has never been alone except for the odd sleepover for Nate.

Max started roaming the hall and went in to see Jake. He asked him if Jake could come sleep in his room. Jake called down and asked if it was all right with me. I said it was completely up to him. Jake then moved into his brothers' room and slipped into Nate's bed. He hung out there until Max was fast asleep. He came out and asked if it was okay if he went back to his own bed. I said sure and told him I was very proud of what he did for his little brother.

Jake is a very kind and loving big brother and times like these I'm very proud to be his mom.

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