Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just One Thing After Another

Today was one of those days when just one thing after another goes wrong.

Luckily it was only for a small portion of the day, but it was a big deal (and really funny) nonetheless.

Max had a doctor's appointment this morning, we left a wee bit late but I wasn't too worried. I leave a bit of a buffer for our depart time with this particular doc, she's always on time so I make an effort to be on time for her as opposed to the CF clinic which is usually running about an hour behind. So we went on our merry way and I decided to go a slightly different route that normally takes the same amount of time, but would set me up better for parking.

However the highway we were on was being repaved and the traffic was horrendous. I had to call home to get Jake to read off the offices number on the fridge for for me. I wanted them to know that we would be late and the receptionist completely understood what was going on and got the doc on line for me. The Doctor had the same experience this morning and was fine with the delay. The traffic started to clear and I told them to expect me in 10 minutes.

It turns out that was a bit optimistic. Once off the highway and on the streets of Richmond we got stuck behind a funeral procession. I detest funeral processions, they gum up the traffic and are a huge nuisance. I understand why they happen, but I'm against them. In fact I would like to state here that after I pass if some fool member of my family decides that a funeral procession is needed I'll come back and haunt that individual to their dying days. Anyway we were, again, stuck in traffic while the police waved in a slow moving line of twenty or so cars. Then we had to plod along until the whole mess turned off.

Once freed of the dead and the mourning I got to turn onto the street the office was located. I happily drove down the road until... and you won't believe this... I ended up behind a street cleaner.

Eventually I got there and all was well even though I was 30 minutes late. Max's Doctor and staff thought it was pretty funny (as did I) and she said some days it is sometimes better just to go back to bed and start over.

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