Friday, April 29, 2011

MCP Project 52: Princess For A Day

Spinning princess
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
This week's MCP Project 52's theme was another easy one. Who better than to photograph for "Princess For A Day"than our very own little princess Rebecca? The hard part was getting the weather to cooperate. All this week it was been very wet with some fast moving thunderstorms, but today was glorious.

I told Rebecca what this week's theme was and asked for if she would like to help me. She was more than happy to don her princess dress and come outside with me. I had her pose on a our garden bench and got a nice demure shot, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Rebecca was game to continue on, but she balked at the idea of being in our castle (I thought it would be cute, she thought it would be ridiculous). Instead I sent her out onto the lawn and try spinning around.

That was exactly what I wanted.

Amongst the giggles, the dizziness, and the missed shots I found the image I wanted. The arms outstretched, the lawn dappled in sunlight, and the blurred motion came together at the very end. It still isn't perfect, but it is just right.


Robyn said...

love the photo, it appears she is flying!

Holly said...

I think you're wrong. It is perfect!